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The School of Exercise and Nutrition and Sciences offers a wide range of courses in the fields of nutrition, food science, and dietetics as well as research degree programs. Our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in nutrition and dietetics prepare our students for a diverse range of careers in nutrition and health.

What to know what career options are open to you with a degree in nutrition or dietetics? See our School’s careers’ website

Undergraduate Courses

Food Science and Nutrition
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition H315
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition H315 student information guide 2012

Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition (Honours) H418
Honours Handbook 2013 (pdf 796KB)
Late Honours Projects 2013

Postgraduate Courses

Human Nutrition
Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition H511
Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition H616
Master of Human Nutrition H714

Graduate Certificate of Public Health Nutrition H517

Master of Dietetics H718

Research Degrees
Master of Applied Science
Master of Arts
Master of Science
Doctor of Philosophy

Find a comprehensive list of supervisors and their research interests



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