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From passion to profession … PhD student Neha Rathi shares her story

Find out more about Neha’s research journey in this video. The Snapshots of My Life… I was raised in the mesmerising little city of Kolkata, simmering with culture and seasoned with traditions served with a dash of the contemporary and a hint of the ultramodern. My childhood memories of my mother cooking ignited within me … Continue reading

How are sleep and good nutrition linked?

Dr Dominque Condo, a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian at Geelong Cats football club, talks about the latest research for Sleep Awareness Week. Dr Condo, along with colleagues at Deakin University, Associate Professor Brad Aisbett and Dr Severine Lamon, reviewed the evidence linking the potential effects of sleep … Continue reading

My visit to the National Institute of Nutrition in Vietnam

Guest blog by Nicole Biggs, Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences and Alfred Deakin Medallist on her visit to the  National Institute of Nutrition in Vietnam funded by Australian Nutrition Trust Fund.   Three weeks packed full of screaming babies, endless eating, motorbike rides and gorgeous people The work: I spent the majority of my … Continue reading

Can multivitamins combat stress?

To take a multivitamin or not to take a multivitamin? That is the question. In recent years there have been mixed messages around whether it is worthwhile for healthy people to take additional dietary supplements. Dietitians tend to advocate a diet filled with fruits and vegetables before reaching for the supplement bottle. Medical clinicians have … Continue reading

Nine sure fire ways to get your kids (and you) to enjoy veges every day

Nutrition Australia is reminding us in National Nutrition Week to ‘Try for 5’ serves of vegetables a day. Why? Because vegetables are nutrient rich and simply central to a diet that will promote good health. It can be hard for adults to reach the 5 serves a day (in fact most of us only eat … Continue reading

National Nutrition Week: an opportunity to combine nutrition and sustainability

Nutrition Australia’s National Nutrition Week (October 16-22) is an important time to promote healthy eating behaviours by encouraging people to eat more vegetables. It is also a time to foster discussion between parents and children. However, with one in four of Australian children between the ages of 2 and 17 years overweight or obese and less than 1 … Continue reading

Sports Nutrition with the VFL Cats

Sports nutrition is a popular area that many of our nutrition and dietetics graduates want to pursue a career in. Master of Dietetics final-year student Alysha Stevens shares her experiences from the voluntary work she has been doing with the VFL Geelong Cats. The world of sports nutrition sounds amazing, but how do I become a … Continue reading

Food for thought: Eating habits for a healthy brain

Fat-burning foods. Muscle-building foods. Superfoods. Sugar is bad. Saturated fat is bad. No wait, saturated fat is good again. The role of diet in health is complicated. Not only is it complex, but one vital system of the body is often overlooked. The brain. We can’t directly see the impact of our diet on the … Continue reading

Child nutrition in Central Australia

After completing a seven-week community placement with Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council as part of the Master of Dietetics, Sophie Jamieson shares some of the exciting, challenging, confronting and rewarding experiences she’s had in Central Australia. It is not every day that those of us who live in urban cities get to visit some of … Continue reading

The 2015 Food and Nutrition International Study Tour – Asia Bound

The international food and nutrition study tour is now a regular feature of our undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition programs. For 2015, the group was Asia bound to Singapore and Malaysia and group member Kelly Ekenberg reports on her experiences. When you’re a nutrition graduate, the job opportunities are highly competitive, as too are the post-grad options. Anything you … Continue reading

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